Warrior Woman Project

Coaching you to become a Warrior Woman (you already are but there is a chance you just don't realise it yet, I can help you see her and be her).



Feeling Stuck?

Bored of Hearing Your Own Bullshit?

I Get It.

I have been there too…

I am Jen and I created the Warrior Woman Project for women just like you and me.

Building Strength From The Inside Out,
Being The Best Versions Of Ourselves

The Book

The 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit is a no-nonsense approach to being healthier and happier.
Only £9.99 + P&P

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Body & Mind Online Coaching Programme

When you are good to start making changes on your own but you need some structure and guidance
Just £150 per month

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Clarity Session

When you really need to get your shit together and know that having someone holding you accountable and kick your ass is exactly what you need.
Only £200

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Roslyn, mum of 2 beautiful kids and part time receptionist

Warrior Woman should be mandatory for all women!

It encouraged me to set goals, realise what I want in my life and not be afraid to go out and get it!

Really looking forward to the next one

Yvonne, Manager

Helped me clear my mind of negative nonsense and get a fabulous new job.
Inspiring to work with others as they went through changes – large and small.
Jen kept me motivated and challenged me to aim higher.

Sarah, Personal Trainer & Business Owner

I have benefited massively from Warrior Women.
I was really nervous about going and sharing things in front of others but it was so friendly and welcoming and you only shared if you wanted to.
The course has made me a much happier and stronger person.
It’s helped me deal with thinks I’ve struggled with for years and is still making me a stronger individual.
I would recommend it to every woman out there as it can help with any situation or problem.

Sarah Rose, Actor & Director

Jen is an inspiring leader encouraging women on their journey to be their best self.

Silvia, Pilates Teacher & Business Owner

A must for those wanting to learn more about personal development or that just need that kick up the butt to go and get what the heart desires.

Jen’s workshop allows you to explore what’s holding you back and arms you with a toolkit to overcome these issues. Would highly recommend!

What you get

- Clarity of who you are, what you want to do with yourself (even just over the following month if you are not ready for deciding the rest of your life)

- Confidence when you start to realise all the things you hadn't been aware of before.

- Calmness when you understand that imperfect is okay, and you don't need to be everything to everyone.

- The ability to let go of limiting beliefs that have held you back from moving forward

Become a Warrior today!

The Warrior Woman Project IS For You If:

You have had enough of your own bullshit

You are exhausted and want a better work / life balance

You are ready to take control of your life

You are ready to face the challenges you have been hiding from

You know that a supportive group that will hold you accountable is what you need

You want to look and feel great AND eat cake, drink wine without feeling guilty

The Warrior Woman Project Is NOT For You If:

You already have excuses ready

If your comfort zone is just too comfy

If you think you can do it on your own and don't need to be held accountable

The Benefits Of Being A Warrior Woman

- Connection With Like Minded Women

- Accountability

- Confidence

- Self-belief

- Permission To Love Yourself As You Are

- A Hot Ass And Sexy Arms


Become A Warrior Woman Book
£9.99 + P&P
• Find your mojo, understand who you are and what you want
• Quit the excuses, breathe and find balance in your life
• Stop cleaning and start creating new experiences
• Learn to let go when you decide a bottle of wine and chocolate cake is the appropriate dinner
• Recognise that loving yourself is the balance to sort your shit and live a healthier and happier life.
Become A Warrior Woman Body & Mind Online Coaching Programme
£150 per month
• Weekly call /check-in to set plan for week ahead, prepare for any potential challenges that may arise
• At home exercise plan to fit in with weeks schedule (access through a phone app)
• Nutrition plan / guidance
• Follow up emails/messages to check in, answer questions etc
• Warrior woman Facebook group to connect (if you wish)
• Warrior woman project mindset workbooks to help you get clarity on your priorities (which can and will change) and help you let go of feeling so overwhelmed.
Become A Warrior Woman Clarity Session
£200 One Off Payment
• 2 hour call to define needs and challenges
• set a detailed action plan for the month to meet needs and overcome challenges
• 3 follow up emails over the rest of the month to see how you are doing
Don't see a package that works for you? Not sure about group training and would prefer one to one? Contact us to arrange a tailor-made package to fit your needs.
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