If It’s Meant To Be…

‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. Take responsibility for your life’. I found this on a post it note which I wrote at some point and it came in to my eye line just when I needed to see it, I must have read or heard it somewhere and thought I would … [Read more…]

400 days till I am 40

400 days until I am 40. Today marks that day…Today is the day that I ‘officially’ start my 400 days until I am 40 Bucket List… I felt that was a good date to start… when I say ‘officially’ it’s because the opportunity to make a start on a few came up before today and … [Read more…]

Kickstart Your Way to Christmas

Yes, you read that right… kickstarting your way to Christmas. Why? From experience of working with 100’s of women (and men) over the years and being a human myself I have come to understand that when we come at change from a place of hate, dislike, panic or negative space we can be less likely … [Read more…]