Is there a Warrior in you trying to get out?

Are you fed up feeling fed up?

Do you know that you want more from life, but just can’t quite work out what it is that is holding you back?

Do you feel insecure?

Do you feel frantic, anxious and overwhelmed?

Do you feel unloveable?

Do you feel selfish if you do something for yourself then beat yourself up with guilt and shame?

You are not alone! I have been there, I have worked through the guilt and shame, I have worked on my self-love, self-respect and confidence. I don’t always get it right BUT self-awareness and self-reflection are the first steps in recovering from these negative traits and connecting most importantly with yourself but also with others. 

We start doing that by learning how to nurture our Body, Mind and Soul.

Our bodies need to move and be nourished with the right fuel.

Our mind needs awareness and education and also have space to calm and quieten.

Our soul needs to believe in and connection with something greater than our ego mind, whether it is is God, the Universe, Buddha, the Stars, Mother Nature, a vibrational energy, your unconscious mind, science or something else. 

In my first book Become a Warrior Woman, 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit I help you work through your ‘stuff’ so you can start to assess where you are in life and what actions you need to do to take back control and step in to the Warrior Woman you are. My two new books (works in progress) are guides to help you take that to the next level. 

This course is me taking your hand and guiding you through the books. It’s really easy to read a book and think ‘that’s a great question, I must answer that…. later’ then put the book down and never come back to it. I know. I have done that too.

I have worked with clients one to one one various chapters of the book, but realised that I don’t have enough hours in the day to work with everyone one to one and not everyone is ready for that level of accountability. That is why I have created this group online course with options to add on one to one coaching AND the opportunity of joining me on a retreat in Spain!

Become a Warrior Woman

What do you want people to see in you when they first meet you?

What do you NOT want people to see?

How often do you say ‘Yes’ when you really mean ‘No’?

These are just some of the questions that we cover over the course. Self-reflection is where we find the answers about who you are and how you fit in this world.

When we truly understand ourselves, we can truly love ourselves…

For a long time I searched for freedom, I searched outside myself through different jobs, moving to different countries… The more I searched, more lost and stuck I felt – the total opposite of what I believe freedom to be… In Yoga there is a word that they use, Santosha – it means contentment… I believe that freedom (for me) is being able to look in the mirror and love the warrior looking back at me, there is always room for growth, to learn more, places I want to see, things I want to do, BUT I know that she is right where she is meant to be in this moment and that gives me freedom.

Maybe the word freedom means something else to you (that is totally okay), maybe contentment means something else to you too (again, totally okay) but Becoming a Warrior Woman gives you this power to love what’s inside, not to keep searching outside…