400 days until I am 40.

Today marks that day…Today is the day that I ‘officially’ start my 400 days until I am 40 Bucket List…

I felt that was a good date to start… when I say ‘officially’ it’s because the opportunity to make a start on a few came up before today and I wanted to make progress… Does it matter to me if I tick every single one off? No, as long as I am on route to achievement… And sharing this helps hold me accountable and gives my friends and family ideas of what they can get me for my birthday!! lols

What does my list look like?

  • Clear my credit card debt. This is one of those things that I should have done ages ago but I had always been the type of person who spent all the cash as it came in (and obviously more than that or there wouldn’t be a need for this goal). All of the purchases were necessary at the time – the holidays, the club night tickets in Ibiza, the printer for my business, licences and trademarks for my book, fees to business coaches that would help my business grow, other business essentials that I would pay back when the money came in, except I didn’t prioritise and I let it build up… In the past I was buying things chasing happiness, I am now well in to a place that I know happiness doesn’t come from stuff and when you are still paying it off 4 and 5 years later I know for 100% sure it’s not bringing me happiness! The good news is I haven’t put anything new on to my card, I don’t even carry it in my purse and I regularly move the balance to minimise interest. I am finally learning to control my finances like a grown-up which nicely leads me on to my next item
  • Manage my budget successfully which goes hand in hand with number 1 but until that is done I can’t invest or save for the future (see proper grown up thoughts here)
  • Get off my Crohn’s medication. This one is a wait and see what happens and be sensible. I am getting my scans in March and my consultant has ‘nervously’ agreed that if the scans are all good then he has no argument to keep me on the medication even though he would prefer me to be on it until November. As much as I am desperate to get off medication I am not stupid enough to do it unwisely. I want my body to be as healthy as it can be when I come off. Right at this moment though it looks good. ALL my inflammatory markers are ‘better than normal’ – that’s the consultants words. I am in what they consider ‘deep remission’ and they think that my Crohn’s might not be as severe as they initially thought it was even though I presented nearly every symptom from a rare skin condition called Sweets disease, a fistula, severe weight loss, ulcers from mouth to tail end, constant pain and chronic diarrhoea
  • Go to a Yoga retreat. My Yoga family are discussing this as a possible to happen this year, failing that I want to find one that really appeals to me and go.
  • Climb Ben Nevis. 2016 I discovered the joys of hill walking and went quite a few times and bagged my first Munro… So why not go for the highest one before I get to 40
  • Drive a Lamborghini. I would at one point have said it was my dream car, but now that I am more responsible with money and my happiness and look at the cost of the car and the running costs and think what else I could do with the money and the difference I could make in the world that is much more appealing… doesn’t mean I don’t still want a shot of driving one and Supercar driving experience days have come up on Itison so it will happen
  • Learn to draw and go to a life drawing class. Drawing was introduced to me on my Yoga training course and I really enjoy it even thought I am not great at it – but you don’t get great at anything without practice… I have the pads, pencils and charcoal… I just need to put pencil to paper
  • Complete Yoga teacher training. As long as I keep progressing through my training course the way I have there will be no reason not to.
  • Meditate every day. I really have no excuse not to
  • Practice Yoga every day. Again I have no excuse not to
  • 15000 steps a day. Since taking unwell my steps went from 22K a day to 3K a day… There are days I barely move and now I have no reason not to.
  • Get my 2nd book out and work on my 3rd. The 2nd book really doesn’t have much needing done to it. I just need to stop making excuses and get it done – it’s on my calendar as a deadline for end of Feb to be complete. The 3rd book is a work in progress and may take longer to complete depending on how things go with my health because that is what it’s about.
  • Go to York for a couple of days. I love York, it’s such a beautiful city with rich Viking history. I have been a few times but really want to go and learn more and really appreciate the history.
  • Stay overnight in a castle. I just think it will be a cool thing to do
  • Read 2 books every month at least. And 1 of them not to be work or business related
  • Get out on my bike. I bought a bike over a year ago and have never been out on it… I am worried that it will get stolen before I get the chance to get out on it
  • Go to Skye. I have never been and keep seeing beautiful images and hearing lovely stories about it
  • Go on a stand-up comedy workshop. I am already booked in for one that started yesterday but I couldn’t make week 1 but have the next 5 weeks to look forward to. This isn’t about me wanting to be a comedienne, it’s about me letting go of my insecurities
  • Visit at least 6 new restaurants this year. I have my favourite haunts and find myself there time and time again. This year I want to find new ones and in Glasgow there are so many to choose from this shouldn’t be a hard task
  • Stay overnight in a Tipi. We already have a voucher and just need to get a couple of nights booked in before the voucher expires at the end of March. No electricity, only a wood burner in the forest… I cannot wait!

So this is my list, I feel like it’s not complete yet so I am staying open to ideas and inspiration and will add to it as and when I can.