‘Pilates with Jen is better than a bottle of wine’ – Kirsty





When you say Pilates to people you get a few different responses… ‘What is that?’, ‘Oh, that’s like Yoga!’, ‘that’s just lying on a mat stretching’, ‘that’s for old people’, ‘that’s a woman’s class’, ‘I tried that once, didn’t like it, it wasn’t hard enough’.

I enjoyed all of the classes immensely, it was something I looked forward to every week as Jen makes it fun and very personal. – Aoife

I teach it a bit differently. I combine my knowledge and experience of working with lots of different people to create a class that’s ‘fun’ – their words, not just mine.

It’s not just for women, often half the class are men and a couple of the members bring their kids along to participate in class too. We have participants from 9 years old through to over 70. It’s definitely not just for old people, needing an easy or gentle class. If you are recovering from surgery it can be highly beneficial in your recovery process too (take medical advice from your doctor before joining in the fun) and get in touch and I can discuss options with you.


I fully recommend Jen whether it’s your mind, body or both that you want to work on. And on top of her skills she’s also a caring, encouraging, inspiring and empathetic woman. – Allison


I have had participants who have: hip replacements, knee replacements, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, MS, have had a stroke, depression & anxiety, back problems, weight issues, along with the healthy participant looking for a good class with a caring environment to come along to join in giving me a hard time for pushing them. 





I’ve been training with Jen for 6 months. I went to her having been diagnosed with arthritis in my back and hips (I’m only 42) and was in daily pain. Jen targeted areas and has really built my strength. I have no hip pain whatsoever and my back is so much better than it was. She’s a joy to work with and I can’t recommend her enough. Do it now! – Isla

The Benefits of Pilates:

You can have a trampoline proof pelvic floor.

Sort your posture now and you will be walking like an Amazonian model. No-one want’s the old person’s hump back, and if you have already started to get that it’s not too late, we can work on fixing it.

Better flexibility. Everyone who sits at a desk or in a car all day will have a tight lower back, tight hips and probably tight hamstrings… we work on that too.

A stronger body will help you not only move better, feel better, give you confidence, but also allow you to destress (which boosts your immune system too). A stronger body is a healthier and happier body.  

A calmer mind, when you ask people to meditate it is often something they report back that they struggle with. All meditation is, is focusing on one thing and quieting the chattering head that we often live in all day. Spend an hour in a Pilates class where you are asked to focus on your breath and movement and all of a sudden the noise of everything else goes away. 

When does this fun happen?


Where: SDTA, Studio 2, 101 Park Rd, Glasgow, G4 9JE (Just behind The Stand Comedy Club at the end of woodlands Rd)

Saturday, 10am – 11am

Wednesday, 7pm – 8pm


Where: Lenzie Way, Springburn, G21 3TB (Home Studio, please contact for house number)

Monday 10am 

Monday 7pm 

Private Classes are also available on request at my home studio

How much: £40 per  month (1 class per week) £10 Drop in

Book and pay for your first class or first month here

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Pilates beginners are more than welcome along at any class. Wednesday 7pm classes are specific for learning and improving your moves. Every 6 weeks we repeat the process. Book now for your Pilates Beginners package and have included access to my app with technical videos, and mini home workouts to do to practice between classes. 


If you have any questions or want to discuss if Pilates is right for you please email me jen@warriorwomanproject.com or call / text 07875036659


If you know you want to join in the fun, confirm your space by emailing me jen@warriorwomanproject.com or call / text 07875036659

Please be aware that the Saturday morning 10am class is often FULL so please make contact to guarantee your space.

Prefer one to one Pilates instead of group training? Just get in contact to discuss options either email jen@warriorwomanproject.com or call/text 07875036659. 

MoveGB members are welcome, just book online through your MoveGB membership app.