7 Days No Sugar Detox


Summer is coming and we have just realised that we should have started our health and fitness regime months ago…

Do not panic!

Sugar causes the most disruption in most of our bodies; it has us holding extra water creating that puffiness around our middle, it disrupts our sleep, it causes our skin to be dull and break out in spots, dry patches, blotchy colour, our energy levels to be up and down (still feel tired when you wake up and hit a wall mid-afternoon?) and our mood to be all over the place (it’s not just our hormones that cause that).

In just 7 days you can break your habits and start to feel the benefits of not consuming sugar. Take control of your energy and moods, improve your sleep so you wake up ready to take on the day and be on the road to losing inches from your waistline.

Download your 7 day No Sugar Detox and Sugar-Free Recipe book to get you started today.