Yes, you read that right… kickstarting your way to Christmas.


From experience of working with 100’s of women (and men) over the years and being a human myself I have come to understand that when we come at change from a place of hate, dislike, panic or negative space we can be less likely to make the right decisions and are more inclined to self-sabotage. 

When we come from a place of calm, space, understanding, self-compassion, self-love we are much more likely to succeed. 

For example: when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s I was pretty devastated, hated what was happening to me and just wanted to be normal and eat normal stuff like cream eggs and monster munch, and that is exactly what I did. I was rebelling against being healthy and filling my body with nutrients. That may very well have been a part of my journey I needed to experience but it didn’t help my sleep, any of the effects of the disease, my skin or help heal my body.

When I started to feel a bit better from taking the medication I started to do a lot of research in to how I could help myself heal. My long term goal is to be off medication and use food, meditation and other more natural healing practices to control the condition. So, when I was in the shop thinking about buying the crisps and chocolate I would ask myself ‘what is the best food here I can buy that will help reduce inflammation in my body and help it heal?’ 

You can bet your ass it was NOT sweets and crisps. 

Now, it’s not that I don’t eat sweets and crisps, but they are not my main source of energy as they had been early on in my situation.

You don’t have to be contending with an illness to want or need to change your mindset. It could be you want to lose a few pounds, or de-stress and make some time for you, maybe you just want a better daily routine… 

That is why I created kickstart, to give you that grounded platform, mind clearing focus to think about what is best for you and help you make better choices.  It is a toolkit of methods and ideas, some of them will be amazing and you will feel huge benefits of them. Others might not be your cup of tea (that is totally okay, you don’t need to do every single thing). 

What’s Included in the Kickstart?

Week 1: Short activities to introduce to your day to help you feel calmer, clearer headed, focused, give you more time and feel ready to take on the world including; Daily guided meditation, stretching routine, water intake, sleep improvement, grounding. 
Week 2: 7 day Sugar Detox including a Sugar Free Recipe Book
Week 3: Core Workout Challenge including printable workout worksheets
Week 4: Declutter & detox your life, clear spaces = a clear mind (and more)

Daily emails as a reminder to keep you motivated

Everything is online so you can fit it in to your schedule and go back to anything as and when you need it. 

Sound like something you need in your life? 

Sign up and start today

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