Why Join The Kickstart?

You are fed up making the same excuses every week and sick of telling yourself you will start on Monday, or when you get time or tomorrow. You want and need some structure in your days, you want to feel calmer, less stressed, more in control and like you are actually in charge of your life. You want to feel like a warrior.

We all need help, guidance and accountability in life to get us moving forward from those challenges that we constantly give ourselves excuses for. ‘I’ll start on Monday / tomorrow / next week’ we say it all the time and that day never actually comes then 6 months later we are pissed off because we ‘should’ have just started back then. 


What’s Included in the Kickstart?

  • Week 1: Short activities to introduce to your day to help you feel calmer, clearer headed, focused, give you more time and feel ready to take on the world including; Daily guided meditation, stretching routine, water intake, sleep improvement, grounding. 
  • Week 2: 7 day Sugar Detox including a Sugar Free Recipe Book
  • Week 3: Core Workout Challenge including printable workout worksheets
  • Week 4: Declutter & detox your life, a clear desk = a clear mind (and more)
  • Daily emails as a reminder to keep you motivated
  • Everything is online so you can fit it in to your schedule and go back to anything when you need it


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Who Is Jen:

Philosophy: Life is too short to waste time doing shit you hate… Fill your days as much as you can doing things that make you happy (but genuinely happy, not kid on happy).

That philosophy has allowed me to change career, change direction in my career, move abroad, move back home, move abroad again, move back home again and completely change career by returning to full time education as a ‘grown up’, and start in an industry that I have a love/hate relationship with, get divorced, go from being employed to starting my own businesses (some of which I had to walk away from) and grow in to the Warrior Woman that I am today able to share my wisdom and help others overcome challenges that they face.

I love it because I get to help people, see them grow in to the amazing humans they are meant to be.

Seeing someone get a personal best in the gym, put on a dress that they feel confident and sexy in, applying for a job that they questioned they were good enough for and getting it, reorganise their day to find some time for themselves and create a sense of calm and peace in their life, have better relationships with their partners and/or kids (and everyone else in their life) because they are less stressed… Just learning to love and believe in themselves – that is the reason I get up in the morning to do the job I do.

I am really fortunate to be able to reach people through so many different avenues too – teaching my classes, one to one personal training, online coaching, and through the content I put out on social media. It blows me away when I get a message from someone who I have had an impact on from the other side of the world and never had an actual verbal conversation with.

I hate the health and fitness industry because it is unregulated and there are a lot of people spouting a lot of crap and potentially doing a lot of harm to the people that follow them (and some of them have millions of followers)… But I need to ignore them and keep focus on my Warriors and what is right for them from the knowledge that I have and am constantly updating.

In March 2017 I had my feet swept from under me when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I hadn’t been feeling too well in the January and then all of all of a sudden I was really ill… It all happened so quickly, even the diagnosis was quick, I thought once I got the diagnosis I would get some tablets and I would be back to my version of normal in a few weeks. That’s not been the case, months and the doctors are talking could be more than a year to get things right… Me being me has set myself a mission to speed this process up (cautiously of course and listening to my body all the way).

My mission is to live my philosophy and help as many people as I can. 

The Kickstart Details: 

Kickstart 4 weeks Only £47!

Starts when you sign up.  


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