DISCLAIMER: If this was easy we would all be living a life we loved, be the shape we wanted to be, feeling amazing and fabulous all the time. If you are already living that life, keep doing what you are doing, this probably isn’t the course for you. 

The media is not set up to make us feel beautiful or successful – they don’t make money from that. It’s set up to sell us shit. They tell us if we buy their products or follow their diet ONLY THEN will we feel significant…

Think about it: drink this drink and you will be flirty and fun, wear this makeup and you will be flawless, eat this food and you will have loads of friends… 

The problem is we buy the products and don’t feel any different – WHY? Because we are still looking at ourselves through the same eyes, with the same mindset, and living the same life.

Marketing companies thrive on the fact we get stuck in a cycle of failure and feeling shit so we keep buying their stuff to make ourselves feel better and when that doesn’t work we go out and buy more…

When you go on a ‘diet’ the diet works for a bit but then you end up back where we started – WHY? Most ‘diets’ are not sustainable and make you feel deprived and you fall back in to old habits, usually comfort eating because it’s something else you have failed at…

GOOD NEWS: I have created LOVE YOUR LIFE to get you out of the rut, break the cycle and find a way that works just for YOU. Basically, we are going to Sort Your Shit, so you Love Your Life. 

REALITY CHECK: I have created LOVE YOUR LIFE to help you stop making excuses, start taking action to overcome those challenges that stop you and fall in love with YOU and your life.

You know what you should be doing – BUT you don’t do it.

You have tried and failed with just about every diet going – BUT couldn’t sustain them. 

You have a gym membership or keep signing up for class passes – BUT you hate going, so you don’t.

You have no idea what you want your life to look like – SO you keep yourself as busy as humanly possible so you don’t have time to worry about it and when you do the bottle of wine, family pack of crisps and share bag of M&M’s will soon distract you from those worries.

How much time and money have you wasted over the years?

GREAT NEWS: I have created LOVE YOUR LIFE to help you LOVE YOUR LIFE and stop wasting more time and more money on the dream life, you are now going to create your own dream life. 

This is a one time purchase programme, you have access to it forever and lifetime access to the VIP Facebook Group.

This is a tried and tested system with many women successfully falling in love with their life and kicking ass.

When you come from a place of love, all your choices are the right choices (even that bottle of wine, bag or crisps and chocolate).

I have been through this process (many times), it’s my philosophy, and I am here doing this with you, walking my talk. 



It’s a 6 month programme to help you fall in love with you, your body, and your life delivered through email, video content, workbooks, coaching calls and online conversations. 

It’s been created by me (Warrior Woman Jen) as a result of my journey from hating myself, my body, and my life:

I have moved country more times than once in search of happiness (which I couldn’t find because I kept moving with me).

I was the every night’s a party night party girl (showing up drunk and ‘happy’).

I have been through a heartbreaking divorce (I told the world I was totally fine).

I numbed pain with emotional eating and binge drinking (it’s easier to swallow your emotions than talk about them).

I felt stuck in a career that wasn’t fulfilling (sitting at a desk all day working to someone else’s schedule wasn’t my idea of fun or allowing me to make a difference in the world).

I then changed career and returned to full time education as an adult (when I was 30).

I had a business that was an epic failure (it was actually 2 businesses and we have to fail at things to learn).

I have now opened my heart to let love in (even though I was perfectly happy on my own).

I have written and self-published a book (with more on the way).

I have come to terms with living with a chronic disease and turned my health around to be symptom and medication free (more details about that below)… 

I live by my values in life, love, career and money (and will teach you how to do the same)


MY RECENT TALE: I have created LOVE YOUR LIFE to teach you how to love your life as it is and how to make the changes YOU want to make so you look forward to each day.

Since 2009 I have not only returned to full time education to get a BSc Sport and Exercise Science, but I have also worked with mentors, coaches to work on myself and upped my skills becoming an NLP Master Practitioner, a level 3 personal trainer, nutrition coach, Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master, and I am always reading and learning from a variety of journals, online and offline courses from leaders and people of influence to upskill and be able to deliver to you the most relevant training.

Most coaches like to share before and after images where the before is someone holding more weight than they would like and the success their client has achieved doing their programme. Seeing these results can be very motivating and inspiring.

This is me …

Yip, that’s me, not the before and after most people expect, top image August 2016, bottom image June 2017.

Sidenote fact… in both images I am around 10stones (65KG) – the scales are not an accurate method of tracking progress (I teach that).

You might be wondering why I don’t look as toned as I did last year, why I am a bit softer round the edges…

Not long after the top images were taken I started to feel a bit shit, I started to lose motivation for everything, I felt exhausted all the time and there were quite a few signs showing in my body that I was getting run down and burning out.

In November 2016 I went to the doctor who ran some blood tests based on my symptoms and the told me I was fine, my bloods had all come back normal…

By mid January things got a whole lot worse so I returned to the doctor. Over the next couple of months while more tests were being done, I lost 2.5 stones (15KG) in weight, then on 11th March 2017 (a date I will never forget) I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s disease.

Over the following months I was put on steroids and immune suppressing drugs (which caused the increased weight gain), I had to give up my classes, working out was impossible, doing housework was impossible, pushing a supermarket trolley was a no go, walking was a challenge, there was even some time that I couldn’t even let anyone hug me because I was in so much pain and the weight of their arms around me was too heavy – that’s how weak I felt and how much pain I was in…

My entire life was turned upside down in a way it never had been before.  I went from being active all day every day to being stuck in bed or on the couch watching Amazon Prime and Netfix in agony and with little energy to move. 

A year later, many different medications tried and ditched because I was taking severe side effect reactions to them and my review scans showed an unimaginable turnaround. My results were coming back ‘better than normal’ – that ‘normal’ was for people who didn’t have a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. I was delighted (and surprised, but not surprised). One of my teachers had told me ‘accept the diagnosis but not the prognosis’ and he was right. Patience, education, knowing and loving yourself and your body WILL turn things around. 

HONESTY MOMENT: I have created the LOVE YOUR LIFE, because I KNOW what it is like to have a love/hate relationship with my body and my life. I DID NOT WANT TO BE ILL so I healed inside and out. 

When I lost the weight I hated what was happening to my body and when I regained the weight (and then some) I hated my body briefly. I had to remind myself that the body is the vessel that carries our spirit and soul and without it I couldn’t be here. That motivated me to heal and be healthy. Now I LOVE it, I am healthier, I have energy, I can get back to exercise and do what is right for me and my body – that took taking responsibility and WORK! I didn’t take any photo’s of myself when I lost the 2.5 stones because in all honesty, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without breaking down in tears about how frail and weak I looked. I accepted my diagnosis but refuse to accept the prognosis. 

Have I returned to the life I lived before the diagnosis? NOPE, that life as much as I loved it wasn’t serving me, I was serving everyone else and it completely burned me out. 

Why am I sharing this information?

We all have limitations and reasons that we use as our ‘validations’ which are actually our excuses to not move forward in life, not be as fit as we can be, not be as healthy as we say we would like to be, not living the life we would like to live.

What is the excuse you keep telling yourself?

Before I got sick I was ‘busy’ all the time. I didn’t have time for myself or others. I started the day at 5am, getting to bed after midnight and was ‘working’ 6 – 7 days a week. There just wasn’t time… What getting sick taught me was that there IS time and if you don’t take it, it will be handed to you on a plate. 

BULLSHIT MOMENT: I have created LOVE YOUR LIFE because I have been full of the bullshit excuses too; I am too busy to take time off. I will sleep when I am dead. Taking time off is a selfish and weak thing to do – that’s not what successful, strong women do, they just keep going and push through. THIS IS NOT A FACT, ITS A LIE and a bunch of excuses that we use to hold ourselves back from truly Loving Our Lives.

Yes I ate healthy food and exercised daily – part of that was my job, and part of that was the problem, but there were so many other areas I failed myself on; time with my family, time on my own to switch off from work, rest, recovery, sleep, holidays (in 2016 I had a week in March at a music festival, 2 days in Greece at a wedding and 3 days in Lisbon at a work conference – no rest and recovery on any of them).

Getting sick and being forced to do nothing was the best thing that happened to me and I have learned so much that I cannot wait to share with you through Love Your Life.

I see people talking about being 2.0 versions of themselves… I think I am going on to version 4.0, which I am totally cool with because every time things fall apart I put them back together in a different way to make them work again. That’s life, that’s learning it is a constant and changing cycle which we need to keep adapting to.


I have rebuilt and restructured my life with my health and happiness being the centre of all decisions I make. I want to teach you through Love Your Life how to do this for yourself. 


Exercise, you might be surprised me telling you is not as vital, BUT movement is… We need to move and together we will find what is right for you, what fits with your days and what you will enjoy and stick with. In this programme you get access to my Mindful Movement Programme which has Pilates, Yoga and Meditation delivered to you every week. . 

Food and drink is vitally important. The good news is there are NO banned foods or drinks in this programme. I will say that again NO banned foods or drinks. What is important is nourishing your body with the food and drinks you need and I will teach you how to do that. When you learn to love yourself you make your choices from a place of love. I do like to teach my women how to eat cake and be happy.

Rest and recover, absolutely vital to help you prevent burnout, if you are already burned out, it’s the only way to recover. We all need a break and some downtime. Taking days off, getting good quality sleep, time out, meditation, Netflix, solo dates, spa days, switching off…

Values & Self-love, when you approach your life from a place of knowledge you won’t believe the power it gives you. When you approach your life from a place of self-love all your choices will be the right choices. Learn how to turn your self-sabotaging negative self-talk down, break the bad habits and embrace new ones with open arms. There is a science behind it – you are not mad.

Meditation, getting connected to your breath, quietening the mind, finding what helps you switch of the noise to get clear with your thoughts. After years struggling to find a meditation that worked for me I now have a toolbox of methods to share with you to help you find something that works for you. Each week in the Mindful Movement part of the programme we do a guided meditation together. 

Learning through this course, listening to podcasts, reading books and getting curious about the things that interest you, going out and connecting with others, joining in with life. Learn about yourself, about others, about topics that interest you. Your brain is a muscle that needs to be worked and stimulated. Together we will find what you love to help you grow and develop.

Find the things you love doing and do more of them, removing the things that really turn you off. There is nothing worse than dragging yourself through tasks to try and achieve a goal – that is a recipe for failure, upset, stress and anxiety. 

When you get up in the morning you want to look forward to your day, love the fuck out your day so that the crappy things you have to do (like housework) are more manageable. 

Join a group of like minded women all wanting to fall in love with their lives, have others to bounce ideas off and hold each other accountable. 

Warrior Woman Body and Mind Project is PERFECT for you IF:

  • You are fed up with your own bullshit excuses.
  • You feel lost in life and want to find a way to get out your rut.
  • You have tried and failed at so many fad diets and want a system that works for you. 
  • You want to feel healthier, happier and love yourself and your life inside and out.
  • You are ready to make a commitment to yourself.


There will be no more:

  • Fad diets, thinking about good and bad foods or starving yourself in to exhaustion
  • Feeling lost because you have no idea what you want from life
  • Endless hours in the gym doing exercises that you think you NEED to do
  • Hating yourself and beating yourself up for mistakes
  • Chasing down happiness from external sources (goodbye comfort eating/drinking/shopping)
  • Wasted time doing shit you hate


Warrior Woman Body and Mind Project isn’t for everyone. It’s not for you IF:

  • You are looking for a quick fix magic pill.
  • You need your hand held daily – you will be taking responsibility for your own life.
  • You are looking for someone else to blame for your failures.
  • You are not ready to invest in yourself financially and with time. 

Ready To Join The Movement?

Included in Warrior Woman Love Your Life:

  • 4 x 30mins personal coaching calls
  • Become A Warrior Woman 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit signed book – my book
  • Assessment pack download to work out who you are, what you want and goal setting 
  • Access to the Love Your Life principles with downloadable worksheets, action points and simple life hacks.
  • 6 month access to Mindful Movement
  • Warrior Woman Recipe Book & How To Eat Like A Warrior 
  • Check lists to keep you on track
  • Downloadable guided meditations

Work through the project at your own pace. These are YOUR results. This is about YOU living the life you LOVE. If there is a section that just doesn’t resonate with you, skip it. If there is a section that really lights your fire, repeat it. Go back to the section you skipped later and see if it works for you then (it might, or it might never – that’s okay).

Take away the bits you love, embrace them, feel the benefits. One size never fits all. 

Ask questions, connect with others in the group. 

What Have Past Warrior Women Been Saying?

I have been training with Jen now for the past 13 months… I went to her having been diagnosed with arthritis in my hips and back (I am only 42) and was in daily pain. Jen targeted areas and has really built my strength. I have no hip pain whatsoever and my back is so much better than it was. She is a joy to work with, I can’t recommend her enough‘ Isla, Development Manager

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jen Wilson. Her advice and encouragement is what I needed to give me a push into doing something I have been putting off for a long time, and now I can’t finally say I am going to teach in China! I attended Jens goal setting workshop (thank you Sarah) 😊and found it so motivating. Thank you for being a wonderful positive person!! Lots of love!! Xxx‘ Harri Dunn English (TESL) teacher now living and teaching in China

I’m already in shape… round is a shape lol. on a serious note, I’ve been working with Jen since October and i’m loving it. Even on days where I can’ be arsed she still manages to encourage me to get on and do it so if you are considering this I would say ‘get it done and sign up now’‘ Allison Contracts Manager

Warrior Woman should be mandatory for all women! It helped me set goals, realise what I want in my life and not be afraid to go out and get it‘ Roslyn, mum of 2 and part time receptionist

Warrior Woman helped me clear my head of negative nonsense and get a fabulous new job‘ Yvonne, Manager 

Are You Ready To Invest In Yourself? 

Because this is an online course it means that I can keep the cost low, you invest your time and £297 for 6 months training (payment plans available on request). 


When Do We Start?

You start when you sign up. Within 24hrs you will have your welcome pack and be on your way to Loving Your Life.


Q. Can I cancel and get a refund?

A. You can get a refund up to 14 days after purchase. I want to work with women who are committed to making change in their life. If there is anything you are unsure of before you sign up please book in for a Warrior Call first.

Q. Will it work for me?

A. It will work if you do the work. Anyone can sign up for a course and claim it doesn’t work if they haven’t taken action. Everyone takes away from it what they need and that will be different for each of the women depending on the goals they set themselves, their own emotional intelligence and the effort they put in. I am here for you to help in any way I can, but I can’t do the work for you. 

Q. Can I really eat anything?

A. Of course you can (you are an adult), what you do have to keep in mind is WHY are you eating what you are eating (we cover that in the course) and what your goals are. If you want to live healthy, you will need to eat healthy, again we cover that in the course. I am NOT about to start telling you that it’s chicken and broccoli for breakfast and salad for the rest of the day. Am I going to tell you to have treats as treats? Yes, of course – a treat is something to look forward to that doesn’t happen every single day! Am I going to suggest you cut down on processed food and alcohol, of course, but everything in moderation. We want to take away the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ associated with foods and find a way of eating that works for you and that you can and will sustain in your newly designed lifestyle.

Q. Do I have to do something every day?

A. There are things that I will suggest to include as daily practice to help you love your life that will be embedded in to your newly designed life loving lifestyle. The ones you choose are the ones that work for you. Remember, this is self-care, not a luxury and we need to give to ourselves daily. This will make you a better person / partner / parent / friend. We will be removing things that waste your time and are damaging to your loving yourself and giving you things that create time, peace, happiness, patience and self-love.

Q. How much time do I need to set aside for this?

A. You can set aside as little as 5 minutes a day or as much as the whole day. It is entirely up to you. There will be reading for you to do, action points to do, some organising, self-reflection and part of the work is making some time for yourself. If you can’t do that then this course is probably not for you. Change takes commitment and that comes from you creating time for you. There will be check lists to help you get on track and once the initial set up is done for the actions they will take a whole lot less time. For example, you may need to set time aside each week for meal planning and preparation but once that is done, it should just be grab and go. The point of loving your life is that it is something you are creating for you. You can’t love your life while busting your ass for everyone else all the time. 

Q. What if I can’t keep it going?

A. There will be the Facebook VIP group to support you, I will be in there making contact regularly, or we arrange a conversation to check in with what’s going on and what blocks you are coming across. We can all have bad days and our head can get in the way, a conversation can turn that all around. If you do need a bit of time out, you will still have made changes that you might not initially recognise but they will have happened. You will also have lifetime access to the entire course so you can pick up where you left off when you are ready.

Q. I have work / kids / life hassles I don’t know how I will fit it in…

A. If you are already giving yourself barriers then maybe this isn’t the right programme for you. You have to be prepared to change things around or you won’t be able to move forward. We look at time management as part of the course. You have to ask yourself ‘how important is it that you love your life?’ The disclaimer right at the start of this page says that it’s not easy, if it was we wouldn’t be here seeking out help and we would already love our lives as they are. This is about you taking control of your life, looking after you so you can be better (for you and everyone else). The aircraft safety instructions don’t tell you to make sure you have your own mask fitted first for a laugh. If you are dead you can’t help anyone. 

Got another question that’s not answered here? Email me