Sometimes you just need that special VIP treatment where we get together one to one, work intensely on YOU for the day to get your shit together, make a plan and release your inner warrior.

How many self-help, personal development books, courses, workshops have you spent time and money on with the promise to yourself that you will make a plan, take action, blah, blah and never actually take any of it on?

Most of my clients start working with me because they are fed up breaking promises to themselves and realise how much money they have wasted and taken very little action over the years. 


A VIP day is perfect for you if you are too busy or your schedule is too erratic to make a promise to yourself to work on your for an hour every day over 6 months to get the results you want much faster.

This is perfect if you need to take a step back from your life so you can see what is really going on.

This is perfect if you work better in private coaching sessions rather than feeling lost in online groups or intimidated in live groups.

This is perfect if you need to create some structure in your life and can’t work out how the hell you are going to do that.

This is perfect to get someone outside your world’s perspective and bounce ideas, thoughts etc off.

This is perfect if you know you are holding yourself back with your own bullshit and self-sabotaging behaviours.

This is perfect if you feel sick at the thought of how much money you have wasted on the books and courses you have never actually taken action on.

How does this work? 

Before Your VIP Day, you will complete a fact finding questionnaire to get clear on what you need and what you are wanting so I can plan our day and release your warrior.  

A typical day (that will structured to meet your needs) :

Start around 930am morning tea / breakfast (on me if we are meeting in person) to discuss what challenges and responses from your questionnaire that we need to overcome and set a plan.

Work on that plan, clearing your self-sabotaging beliefs and working on a new mindset that will move you to where you want to be in life.

Workout (yes there will be some exercise to get you moving, the blood pumping, destress and balance designed on your ability and experience)

Lunch (on me if we are meeting in person) and casual chat to allow the morning activities to settle.

Back to work on the plan, clear blocks and set up the essentials to keep what you learned today and how you will implement in to your real life when you return tomorrow.

Finish up around 4pm just after the brainstorming, future planning session is created.

We can do this in person in Glasgow or online via an online meeting space.

What you get:

Clarity on your goals

Clarity on your capabilities

Strategies to deal with your bullshit, self-sabotaging behaviours

A plan to move you forward

To meet your inner warrior

Breakfast and lunch on me if we are in person



A VIP One to One Day is £799 with a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER FOR £499